Cultured Swine: Pig Saved From Slaughter Becomes Famous Painter Who Makes Expensive Art

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Apparently, pigs are actually smarter than dogs. The only reason that we eat them is… wait, why do we eat them? That’s quite a dilemma there, but every country has their own explanation whether cultural or economic. Still, one pig might change your mind about bacon since she is a world famous painter and probably paints better than most of us.


Behold Pigcasso:

Once she was a pig slated for a slaughterhouse to be cut up and sold in supermarkets for her ham, belly, and bacon. Good thing Pigcasso was rescued since she is now a world-renowned famous painter whose paintings actually sell for thousands of dollars. A moment of silence for our struggling art major brothers and sisters.


Anyway, Pigcasso is 3-years-old and weighs around 1,000 pounds, but that does not stop her from setting out and achieving what most of us humans fail to do: make paintings that will be appreciated. She was saved back in 2016 from a pig farming facility. Pigcasso now lives in Cape Town, South Africa painting some deep abstract work such as this:

They call that one “Duck.” The famous painter’s other art includes other relatable abstract work such as this too:

No, just because you can do the same by wiping your lips with napkin after eating mustard and ketchup does not make you an artist… unless you’re a pig. That one above is actually called Year of the Pig and was one of the most recent paintings of Pigcasso that got sold. It was bought by someone from Germany.

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A WORK OF ART. Oink on, Pigcasso!

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Pigcasso’s paintings actually sell anywhere from $500 to $4,000 apiece. In fact, she has actually raised nearly $150,000. So, might want to think twice about what meat you eat; that bacon or pork belly you’re nibbling on might have been the next Renaissance instigator.

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