Peter Mayhew Tweets Throwback Photos Of Star Wars Cast

Peter Mayhew Star Wars Throwback

Peter Mayhew, also known as the Wookie from the original Star Wars films, has been having less of a throwback Thursday and more of a throwback week. It isn’t unusual for the actor to give fans sneak peaks of what life was like on the set of the iconic trilogy, but rather than posting one or two photos, Mayhew posted dozens this week, including naked Banthas, X-wing fighters, and Princess Leia in a bikini.

The montage of photos began on Monday with an explanation of why Mayhew has no love for the ewoks. We don’t blame him.

Then, the deluge of photos continued, including candid shots of Mayhew with Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and several others.

Didn’t get enough Star Wars throwback photos? Check out Peter Mayhew’s Twitter feed for more fun.

[Image: Twitter]

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