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Facebook Vending Machines Now At A Headquarters Near You

A while back Facebook executives decided that all computer accessories at their headquarters and various offices should be “checked out” by an employee, thus allowing them to track expenditures more efficiently. Unfortunately that plan had backfired with employees grabbing various computer parts and never signing the needed forms, a practice that has not come to […]

Foursquare Passes 500,000 Merchant Accounts [Milestone]

After announcing that their location based platform has surpassed 10 million users, Foursquare on Thursday revealed that more than 500,000 merchant accounts have now been added to their program. The company on their official blog post highlighted some of the company’s most creative brand partners such as American Express who are effectively using Foursquare to […]

Facebook Announces Video Calling, Rolls Out Program Immediately

Facebook on Wednesday officially rolled out Facebook Video, there new competitor to Skype (although they are partnered with the the company for the product) and Google + video calling systems. The program allows Facebook members to chat with one another by simply clicking on a video calling icon, however users will first need to download […]

Twitter Changes DM Requirements… For Verified Accounts

If you’re one of the fancy Twitter users with a Verified Account, sending and receiving Direct Messages (DMs) is about to (possibly) get a whole lot easier for you. DMs are a great way to interact semi-privately for an exchange or two on Twitter, and allow for people to talk without lengthy email chains or […]