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Twitter Trend: Fiction Blends With Reality On Twitter During ‘Switched At Birth’

Monday night on ABC Family, fiction blended with reality when the hashtag #TakeBackCarlton became a Twitter trend during part one of the spring finale of Switched at Birth. The episode was historic because it was acted almost entirely in American Sign Language. There was a little verbal dialogue at the beginning and end of the […]

Twitter Is A Bad Predictor Of Public Opinion [Pew Study]

When it comes to determining public opinion Twitter is not the miracle analysis tool some users would like to believe. A new study by the Pew Research Center has found that polling on Twitter is not as effective as traditional polling results. Researchers found that Twitter sentiment surrounding eight of last years most political events […]

Facebook, Teens No Longer In A Relationship, Data Indicates

Facebook teens are increasingly abandoning the popular service, and one of the top reasons cited is probably something you’d expect — because all of their moms and dads are on there. Facebook teens nowadays have to contend with an omnipresent gaggle of relatives with whom they are under familial obligation to at least “friend” on […]

Twitbook Proposal: Facebook Employee Proposes To Twitter Worker

Jon Park is a loyal Facebook employee and his girlfriend Genevieve Wong is a loyal Twitter worker. Over the weekend the FB staffer proposed to the Twitter employee and his proposal has been deemed the Twitbook Proposal. Not wanting to focus on his own social network or that of his new fiances Jon instead incorporated […]