Foursquare App Update For iPhone: A New Look And New Features

Foursquare Updates iPhone App

An update for the Foursquare app was released for iPhone users on Wednesday. The new update brings with it a new sleek interface.

In its blog post Foursquare writes:

“When we launched Foursquare in 2009, we wanted to help you navigate the world by showing you where your friends were hanging out. Now, after four years and over 3.5 billion check-ins, we’ve discovered new ways to figure out the most interesting things going on around you. With the new Foursquare 6.0, we’re crunching all our data to show the best of what’s nearby, anywhere in the world, the second you open up the app.”

Here’s how to navigate the new home screen:

  • Search is now front-and-center at the top, so you can quickly find what you’re craving, or see things like trending places (in real-time) and top picks.
  • Below that, you’ll see a map with nearby friends and interesting places highlighted. Tap on the map to expand it so you can see great places around you.
  • After that, we show you the best things at that moment – our top personalized recommendations, along with your friends’ check-ins around the world.
  • And, at the bottom, we have the new check-in button, for when you want to share and remember the places you go to.

In its blog post Foursquare gives the following example of how the new update might be used:

“Hungry for dinner after a day of sightseeing? Browse ‘food’ or search for ‘Italian’ to find a great dinner spot. Brunch too crowded? Save the day and search for ‘eggs benedict’ or ‘bloody mary’ to find another place in a snap. With today’s update, we show suggested types of places, dishes, specific spots, and recent searches as you start typing, so you can find what you want quicker.”

Foursquare Version 6 for iPhone

The ability to use the Explore function with search capabilities is one of the updates nicest features. The sleek new interface offers quick output with mapping functions and friends check-ins:

Foursquare Explore Search Feature

Foursquare wants quick searches for users and they have done that by immediately highlighting information when the app launches. Foursquare writes:

“When you open up the new Foursquare, we immediately show your nearby friends and the most interesting places around you. That’s because we’re constantly crunching our data to customize the recommendations you see, based on the time of day, how familiar you are with the neighborhood, and what’s popular at the moment.”

Foursquare Quick Searches

Are you a fan of Foursquare version 6.0? If you haven’t tried out the update yet Foursquare version 6.0 is available now via iTunes. Foursquare released its similar Google Android app update on April 2.

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