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One Single Facebook Post Receives 1 Million Comments

Approximately 100 Facebook friends came together in October to post one million comments to a single Facebook post, setting an official Guinness record this week. To post 1,001,619 comments the groups users were each required to post nearly 9,3000 comments on average. The 1 million mark also shatters the previous record of 529,335 comments. In […]

#Mom Foursquare App Lets Your Mom Know Where You Are

A new third-party Foursquare app called #Mom has launched with a simple premise, keeping your mom in the know about your whereabouts. The service works by connecting your moms phone number to your Foursquare account at Once signed up you can send your mom a check-in notice or short accompanying message via call or […]

Facebook Page Posts Are Only ‘Live’ For Three Hours [Study]

A new study conducted by a group of researchers at Edgerank Checker has found that the average life of a Facebook Page post is just three hours. According to the group a Facebook Page post is considered “dead” when engagement on that post falls below 10% of the largest growth of engagement between hourly snapshots. […]

Vimeo Debuts New Design And It’s Pretty Awesome [Video]

Vimeo on Tuesday debuted the company’s brand new look and the website has been completely deconstructed and built back up with more emphasis on videos alongside a stronger user interface that brings more community into the fold. On the company’s blog staff member Soxiam wrote: “Today is a big day – one of the biggest […]