Zach Braff Defends His Kickstarter Campaign

Zach Braff Kickstarter

As soon as Zach Braff announced that he was financing his Garden State sequel through Kickstarter, a number of folks crawled out of the woodwork to criticize the Scrubs star. Why should people fork over their hard-earned money when the actor has such a tidy stash tucked away in his bank account? The backlash was sudden and unexpected.

In an effort to explain his reasons for using the crowdfunding site to help finance the upcoming flick, Zach Braff shot a short interview with the folks behind Kickstarted. The actor revealed that he intends to supplement the $2 million in donations with his own cash.

“This isn’t a money-making endeavor,” Braff explained. “Making a tiny art film is not where people go to to make money. This is a passion project.”

He continued, “I’m making this movie for you and, ostensibly, with you. You’re coming along on the ride, you’re going to be a little GoPro camera on my shoulder experiencing how an independent movie is made. I owe [the fans] everything.”

Zach Braff explained that he intends to stay in-touch with fans over the course of filming. Instead of being on the outside looking in, the actor wants those who contributed money for the sequel to get a first-hand look at how independent movies are made.

The Garden StateKickstarter campaign arrived on the heels of the extremely successful Veronica Mars project. Director Rob Thomas was able to generate a whopping $5.7 million by the time the campaign came to a close. The long-awaited film should arrive next year.

You can check out everything Zach Braff had to say about his controversial Kickstarter campaign by having a good look at the video embedded below.

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