‘Pacman’ Jones Tweets After Getting Arrested For Assault

Pacman Jones Arrested

NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested on Monday for allegedly assaulting a woman outside of a Cincinnati bar last week. Hamilton County Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Knapp originally said Jones would be held overnight and processed at some point Tuesday morning. He was later released on bond.

The incident reportedly took place after a Cincinnati Reds game on June 5. “Pacman” Jones was approached by fans at a downtown bar who were interested in having their picture taken with him. However, the situation soon turned ugly after someone allegedly hit Jones with a bottle. The NFL player immediately retaliated, striking 34-year-old Shannon Wesley in the process.

Jones insists that he slapped the woman in self-defense. Shortly after his arrest on Monday, “Pacman” issued the following tweet in his own defense.

Peter Schaffer, Jones’ agent, backs up the player’s self-defense claim. He told Pro Football Talk that the women were intoxicated and became unruly when he declined take have his picture taken. One woman got upset and allegedly hit Jones, who immediately struck her in response.

“If it was anybody other than Adam Jones, they would have investigated it. If it was anybody other than Adam Jones, they wouldn’t have arrested him,” Schaffer explained.

Surveillence footage of the incident has been embedded below. Things get interesting around the 1:35 mark.

What do you think about Adam “Pacman” Jones getting arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman outside of a downtown Cincinnati bar?

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