Xbox One Is Now Available For Pre-Order [Twitter Reacts]

Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One is now available for pre-order from a number of retail outlets.

If all of the rumors and hubbub surrounding the upcoming Microsoft machine hasn’t sent you screaming for your Atari 2600, then you can pre-order your very own next generation system right now. Xbox One is going to set you back $499, and that’s before you start investing in the games.

Although you can also send your money directly to the folks at Microsoft, there are a number of online retailers that are willing to sell you a machine for the very same price. Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon are just a few of the companies currently accently pre-orders. The console will drop this November.

Not surprisingly, there are quite a few people who are excitedly typing in their credit card numbers at this very moment. Some aren’t completely sold on the machine just yet, while others are downright angry about having the option to pre-order. Damn you, freedom of choice!

First, let’s have a look at the people who are genuinely excited about the pre-order.

Not surprisingly, there are still quite a few gamers on the fence.

Then there are those who are just unhappy about the Xbox One’s very existence.

Are you planning to order pre-order your very own Xbox One?

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  1. The latest and greatest gaming gadget… *smirk* $500 for a stinking console… I think it is ridiculous personally, and I'm a gamer. Pre-ordering always racks me up… People have to have the latest and greatest before anyone else. No thanks!

  2. I'm not allowing my husband to get the new xbox…it is a total waste! They are taking away so much from the gamers and adding more crap for the non-gamers. I think that the sales for this console is going to flop!

  3. I am definitely getting this – once the hype calms down. While it's pricey it's fun for me and fun once the little one gets a little older 🙂 I will not get trampled for a game console. ha!