Over 375 Million Facebook Users Play Games Each Month

Facebook Games

Facebook games such as Candy Crush Saga and similar games are still going strong on Facebook, as the company boasts 375 million active gamers.

The company revealed at a game developers conference in San Francisco on Wednesday that nearly a quarter of its active users (1.3 billion people) play a Facebook-connected game at least once a month on average.

Ever get frequent invites or requests from friends to play games with them? Well Facebook also stated that over 735 million of those type of game referrals are sent out every day.

Most of these stats are reportedly from a study Facebook conducted inside of the company in November of 2013 which had great revelations for game creators. Some of which could potentially be lucrative.

For example, there’s a financial incentive for game studios to make their games work on multiple platforms, which includes iOS, Android and Desktop. This is in addition to the fact that games will reach more eyeballs if released on those platforms.

According to Facebook, the average user who plays the same game across multiple platforms typically spends 3.3 times as much money on in-game purchases as people who only play on desktop.



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