Oscar Material: Cat Plays Dead Oh So Convincingly [Video]


Katharine Hepburn holds the eminence of winning the most Oscars, with 4 Academy Awards and a tally of 12 nominations – though, she can’t hold a torch to this cat!

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In the United States, cats are the most popular pet : there are 74 million pet dogs and 88 million cats. And judging from the below video, we can sure as shooting see why!

Though cats sleep (aka cat naps) 70% of their lives, the 30% of time they are up they’re full of buoyancy and pretty entertaining. The cat in this fable we feel, either took acting classes or is Heath Ledger reincarnated!

Adult felines, too, only meow to communicate with human beings. Now, isn’t that something! Evidently, they only ‘play dead’ for humans as well. For after the master of this particular cat ‘pulls the trigger’ on his ‘hand gun,’ the pet’s paws go totally limp and it falls back as if it’s soul is leaving it’s little fury body and is hovering up to the pearly gates.

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Since 3600 B.C. domesticated cats have been around, 2,000 years prior to Egypt’s pharaohs, evidence suggests. Maybe because, a cat’s brain is 90% identical to a human’s — more analogous than to a dog’s.

Humans and cats have nearly equivalent segments of the brain that control emotion. Perhaps that’s why, Abraham Lincoln had four pet cats in the White House!

Additionally, cats possess a longer-term memory than dogs, particularly when they learn by doing rather than merely seeing. And this pair must have ‘done’ this act many times over … it totally shows. Check out the full clip below.


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