Lion Climbs Inside Car Full Of Tourists At Safari Park [Video]


Tourists were left rattled when a lion climbed into their roadster — at the very same safari park where a woman was mangled just weeks earlier.

Lion climbed inside safari buggy and licked this tourist; Photo: Giphy

Despite the previous mauling incident, the large cats were able to walk freely up to the safari vehicle — that’s when the giant felid jumped into the buggy and, apparently, began cuddling the tourists.

This lion’s a lover, not a fighter; Photo: East2West

The lion — named Filya — seemed like it desired to take the steering wheel and drive, coming off to be quite playful.

The bit was used as an opportunity to take pics and selfies with the cat (because uh that’s what you do if an animal capable of slaughtering you in a matter of seconds decides to climb on your lap, right?).

Filya, 2, got acquainted with the tourists in the open sided buggy — giving free ‘hugs’ and even licking one woman on the face.

The cat was undoubtedly acting much more playful than the lion that mutilated Olga Solomina’s arm weeks back as she posed for a photo next to the reluctant feline.

Solomina, at the Taygan Safari Park in Crimea, Ukraine, bent down next to a seemingly tame lion and touched its mane, before it launched into a remorseless attack—mauling Solomina and striving to drag her away by her arm.

“I squatted down and put my hand on the lion as I was told. Next moment it grasped my arm and dragged me like a rag doll,” said Solomina.

“The other lions jumped to their feet. I closed my eyes in fear waiting to be torn apart by the pride. It lasted several seconds that felt like eternity for me.”


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