Because Of Humans One Million Species Are At Risk Of Extinction


Up to a million animal species could become extinct as an immediate result of the affect humans have had, says a new report.

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Drafted by the UN, the report has broken down in to detail about what it is human beings have done to inflict such devastation to the environment. Matters that should be regarded as posing a threat as substantial as climate change include the loss of clean water and air, protein-rich fish, insects to pollinate plants, CO2-absorbing forests and storm-blocking mangroves. Accordant to numerous experts, a ‘mass extinction’ is already taking place, the last one of which occurred 66,000,000 years ago in the ‘Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event‘ – e.g. when the dinosaurs were obliterated by an asteroid.

This simply means that we are halfway through only the sixth mass extinction in the last half-billion years (500 million years). We are, in fact, on the way to producing a similar level of butchery too that wrought upon the dinosaurs by a physical asteroid. Scientists claim that the earth is residence to roughly eight million species, majority of which are insects. Though, a quarter of all plants and animals are being shoved to extinction as a result of crowding, or being either poisoned or eaten out of existence.

Rebecca Shaw, chief scientist for World Wife Fund for Nature (WWF) has explained that time is limited, however it’s not too late to switch gears. She told reporters: “If we’re going to have a sustainable planet that provides services to communities around the world, we need to change this trajectory in the next ten years, just as we need to do that with climate.”


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