Old Spice Is Back, and Its Drilling Its Way to Brazil – Literally

Old Spice is back, with Terry Crews, who is well known for many things, not the least of which is his pec-popping skills. In case you haven’t seen that (which seems totally impossible!)…

But I digress…

Old Spice will not be left out of the World Cup fever, and with its record of publishing out-of-this-world ads featuring out-of-this-world muscled men, you have a certain idea of what you can expect from their latest stunt: Terry Crews drills his way to Brazil, finding really weird experiences along the way until he meets his Brazilian counterpart.

Old Spice plays on its outlandish reputation for ads.

I find it way too bizarre. Or is it just me?

If you’re not following these footie accounts on Twitter yet, go for: Twitter At The World Cup: 32 Teams, 32 Twitter accounts.



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