OK Go Release Mind-Melting New Music Video That Is a Must-Watch

We don’t normally post music videos here, but there is always an exception (if said musical video is exceptional is the exceptional, ironically). OK Go have become famous over the last decade for doing just that. From videos shot in zero-G’s to a music video entirely choreographed on multiple treadmills, these guys really think far outside the box and the end result is usually wickedly imaginative and great fun to watch.

Well, their newest musical video, Obsession is no exception (yes, I get paid by per “exception” for those wondering), yet the only thing I can think when I watch this mesmerizing video is:

How the hell did they afford all those ink cartridges? Man, those things are like $300 a pop now or some sh*t!

See what I’m saying?

Regardless, another amazing video from the guys at OK Go, who seem to be mastering this art form like few other current bands or acts out there!




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