Octopus Attacks Crab On Camera, Attack Goes Viral

octopus eats crab

A woman by the name of Porsche Indrisie thought she was filming a harmless crab who was probably trying to get a sun tan in Yallingup, Western Australia. Sadly, this crab was getting warm for the octopus lurking below the water who waited for the right moment to jump out and eat him.

The unsuspecting woman shouts to her sister Chardae “there’s an octopus eating a crab!” That’s when you know, it’s about to go down.

In this video below, the octopus jumps out, latches on, and drags this poor crab back to the depths of water hell. This crab had no chance. This octopus clearly works out and should not be messed with.

According to The Concourse, “octopi have beaks—not unlike one you would find on a bird—that they use to puncture holes in the shells of, say, crabs, or mollusks, or babies, or whatever else they want to eat at the time. They then inject venom into their prey, causing paralysis. And then they eat their prey alive by sucking out their innards.” Super pleasant sounding.

Posted to YouTube a few days ago, this crazy video has already gotten over 4 million views. Watch below.

Kokou Adzo

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