Obama Hosts Freestyle Rap At White House Rose Garden

President Barack Obama Joins Hamilton Star Lin-Manuel Miranda For A Freestyle Rap In The White House Rose Garden

The Broadway musical Hamilton opened to rave reviews and sparked huge interest on social media. The stars of the musical, including lead actor and director Lin-Manuel Miranda, stopped by the White House on March 14 to showcase select performances from the show. They have been documenting their trip using the hashtag #Bam4Ham.

During their visit, President Barack Obama joined Miranda in the White Hose Rose Garden for a freestyle rap performance.

Miranda is an acclaimed lyricist and music composer, so it’s no surprise that he spits effortlessly on topics ranging from The Federalist Papers to Obamacare.

“This is some serious business, right here,” Obama tells Miranda at the beginning of a video released by the White House on Facebook and Twitter.

“Are we in the rose garden right now?” asks Miranda. “We are, this is the rose garden right here,” Obama replies. “It must be a little nerve-racking. I hope I don’t drop these cards.”

“You ready? Alright, drop the beat.”

“How good is that?” Obama asks. “You think that’s going viral?” he adds. “That’s going viral.”

The cast of Hamilton have been thrust into the media spotlight after the play received rave reviews and gained a signifcant following on social media. They’ve been documenting their trip to the White House using the hashtag #Bam4Ham.

Miranda, who plays the lead role of Alexander Hamilton, also wrote the book, music and lyrics for the show, which earned him the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album.

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