The Internet Loves The Sasha Obama Thumbs Up At The White House

The Obama sisters friendship makes everybody happy.

A few nights ago Malia and Sasha Obama attended their first White House state dinner. There were a number of stars in attendance, including the Canadian Prime Minister, Mike Myers and more. But it seems that Sasha (the younger sister) was more excited to meet Ryan Reynolds than any of the other celebrities at the event. In a picture snapped of the moment, her big sister is seen giving her a thumbs up and we are reminded that even though they’re the first daughters, they probably still get a little starstruck.

The dinner was noted for its attendance of Canadian big-wigs, this was one of the first times that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended a state event. The Canadian singer, Sara Bareilles, sang for the guests after the meal. President Obama reportedly got a little choked up when he talked about Malia growing up and going to college, most speculations are that she will attend NYU next fall.

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