A Convention For Derrieres Was A Huge Hit In New York City


Butt-Con 2019 – a convention that is centered around buttocks’ – was organized by the bidet company Tushy and went down in New York City.

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The event hailed all things to do with your backside from health to hygiene to sex. Attendees could take in the butt-selfie booth (belfie), a twerking competition, an “Anal Like A Porn Star” workshop, and the grand finale, to top it all off, a cake-sitting performance. Buttcon is an interactive, art-filled event that is devoted to providing a free and safe environment to commemorate rear ends, something that every person possesses. There was too some informational sessions like “How to Have the Perfect Poop,” and the “Complete History of Wiping Your Butt.” There was something for every goer and every fanny at the event.

Participants are advised to come with their tushes out (or not) and look forward to music, visual arts, health and wellness information, buttcentric performances and chili. The aim of the convention accordant to the organizers was to maybe “play a pivotal role in bringing the health of our backsides to the forefront of the conversation while still celebrating all the fun and beauty of butts.” Buttcon is a celebration of keisters. It is a wacky party with a motif that everybody can ‘get behind.’ The convention does not endorse one type of rump. You can have your front-runner, though the event throwers will never say that a bum should be a certain shape, color or size.


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