You Can Now Purchase A Pillow In The Shape Of A Rump – And, Why Not


An ‘ergonomic’ designed cushion, dubbed The ‘Buttress Pillow,’ comes in the shape of a human tush – you know, in case you feel the need.

Have you ever been relaxing in bed, and think ‘I wish I was lying on a derriere instead…?’

Well … you’re in luck, now! Because an United States inventor has created precisely that, a prat pillow. The effect of a kickstarter campaign in 2017, it is available to order online, should you utterly desire.

“Since the beginning of time man has desired the butt. So round, so soft, so bootylicious. The ancient human mission has always been to claim that booty. However, this mission takes time, well-tailored texts, and Netflix, and so the eternal struggle goes on… until today,” is what the video states on the manufacturer’s website.

“Introducing the Buttress Pillow. Scientists have created a butt without the extra expensive maintenance, the incomprehensible mood changes, or the gas.

“Soft, comfortable, all natural, it has surpassed 90 percent of all human butts in both shape and function. On this historical day we mark the dawn of a new age, a time when everyone can feel the peace and happiness of butts – butts for all. Claim your booty!”

The creators added, “Great for all types of sleepers as well as butt slappers, squeezers, caressers and face-buriers. Thighs separate, allowing you to dress up your Buttress with undies, PJs and more. The ‘sweet spot’ between the thighs and cheeks will gently cradle your head and support the neck. Great for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers.”


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Aaron Granger


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