Nutscapes: The Photo Trend You’ll Drop Your Pants For


[Caveat: this post contains potentially NSFW images for, well, testes, but your mileage may vary. A little bit of skin never really hurt anyone. ]

Picture this: In one of your travels, you come across a landscape so gorgeous, so breath-taking, it just makes time stop. you just have to take that moment of perfection home with you and share it with your friends. You whip your camera out — turn your back on the scenery, and drop your pants.


Welcome to the world of Nutscaping.


So, testicles.


Balls. Nuts. Ballocks. Stones. The boys.  The undercarriage. The Family Jewels.


Whatever you choose to call them, ‘nads are ‘nads are ‘nads, and Nutscapes is here to celebrate that with gorgeous #screlfies. (No dick pics, please; balls are what it’s all about.)

Clancy Philbrick, the founder of the movement, may have just yet married two entirely polar concepts in this tour de force enterprise — the power and majesty of landscapes with just a hint of mis-en-scene le ballsac.“I believe Nutscapes has great artistic depth because it touches upon both a low-brow vulgarity and a high-brow concept. Simply, testes are f*cking funny. Always have been; always will be. They add humour to a subject matter, landscape photography, that is typically a little dry,” he says.


Despite the recent suspension of Nutscapes’ Instagram account, Philbrick has taken the images to Twitter and is keeping the flame alive on the website. He says in a statement to The Daily Dot:

“We’d like to use this platform to push the concept of male vulnerability and the absurdity of IG allowing mostly naked models and nearly pornographic images all over their site, with hundreds of thousands of followers and paid marketing, but censoring a benign detail of the human flesh. A detail that in most of our images remains obscured. A detail of a body part that doesn’t even have the necessary orifice that connects external to internal that seems necessary to even make it something adult or ‘censor worthy’.”

Our hats (and pants) off to you, Philbrick. Here’s one more for the road:

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