North Korean Rep Calls Obama ‘That Monkey’

Kim Jong-un, Obama

TMZ is reporting Kim Jong-un’s mouthpiece called President Barack Obama a “monkey” for forcing Sony to release “The Interview” — and for pulling off a cyber counter attack on North Korea.

A spokesperson reportedly belonging to North Korea’s National Defense Commission used the racial slur to insult the American president in a statement about the controversial comedy’s release.

“Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest.”

North Korea is obviously upset about the film and its’ recent internet outage, which it blames on America. The United States government has not commented on whether it had anything to do with the outage.

U.S. feds announced that it had found North Korea to be directly connected to the Sony hacks and the threats behind ‘The Interview’ release. North Korea has denied any involvement and has demanded further investigations.

The statement in which Obama is called ‘that monkey’ also includes additional consequences if the United States does not cooperate with North Korea’s demands.

Despite the threats, Sony finally decided to release the film on Christmas Eve. It seems like North Korea holds a grudge…

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