The Interview Will Be Shown In More Than 200 Theaters This Weekend

The Interview

Call it a Christmas miracle! The controversial comedy, ‘The Interview’ will end up in theaters after all. NPR reports a Sony spokesman announced that the film would be shown in more than 200 theaters around the country this weekend.

After being threatened by the anonymous hacker group, Guardians of Peace, Sony pulled the comedy from being released. The film, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, follows the two television personalities as they are tasked to assassinate North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un. After threats of terrorism upon any theater showing the film, many venues cancelled showings, which forced Sony to cancel the release altogether. After receiving a large amount of criticism, even from President Barack Obama, Sony has finally decided to release the movies to the masses.

The theaters that were still planning on showing ‘The Interview’ were thrilled.

Even Seth Rogen and James Franco couldn’t contain their excitement.

Of course, Franco’s referring to President Obama’s slip-up during his recent press conference. The president accidentally called James Franco, James Flacco. 

There is still some speculation of whether there will be any true threats to movie goers. Theaters showing the film have said they will beef up security. Only time will tell, but it seems as if America is calling this one a victory. Take that North Korea.

So, make sure to get your tickets to show the so-called terrorists, we are not afraid. Mashable has created a list of all the theaters who will be screening ‘The Interview.

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