Norman Reedus Rocks With Breastfeeding Women


Norman Reedus wants you to “free the nipple”. In the streets! On the bus! In the cafes! He wants you to free that nipple and show your support for breastfeeding moms the world over.

Last week, Tammie Hamed and Libby Dalton queued up to meet him at the HorrorHound Weekend Convention in Cincinatti. They asked is he wouldn’t mind posing with them for a picture, and they noticed he was holding a fake boob (possibly a stress ball of some sort). In their conversations, babies and breastfeeding came up, and Tammie and Libby offered to take a breastfeeding picture with him. Reedus was elated, and very game to do it. He used his fake boob prop, and rocked out with these two proud ladies.

Need more proof? Here’s the picture:

Free it! Love these ladies! Tonight’s show is gonna be awesome!!!

A photo posted by norman reedus (@bigbaldhead) on


The “The Walking Dead” star was so stoked with this photo opportunity. The moms posted another shot of the event on the Momma is a Hippie Facebook community, and relates “He was excited and said it was the best pic he’s ever taken”. Reedus is a full-on big supporter of breastfeeding. He is very open in his support of his wife, Danish model Helena Christensen, and her decision to breastfeed as a new mom. He has joined the ranks of other pro-breastfeeding stars, such as Miley Cyrus, Scout Willis, Rihanna, Michelle Rodriguez, and Lena Dunham, just to name a few. He has also “freed his own nipple” in a cheeky instagram post that went viral:


He and his other pro-breastfeeding colleagues feel the issue of breast-feeding should go beyond a woman’s right to go topless in public, but that it also must be about creating a more socially-acceptable attitude toward breastfeeding women.

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