Norman Reedus Gets Pranked By ‘Zombie’ [Video]

Zombie Prank Viral Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus may know how to deal with zombies on The Walking Dead, but he wasn’t prepared to be pranked by super fan Nick Santonastasso, who joined forces with show star Andre Lincoln and special effects go-to guy Greg Nicotero for a fantastically elaborate prank.

Santonassatasso was born with a rare condition called Hanhart syndrome, which left him without legs and one arm. But his disability doesn’t affect him, and even uses it as an asset when carrying out zombie pranks on unsuspecting citizens. The prank on Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on the show, is probably his best (and most famous) one yet.

Nick traveled to Japan for the prank, where he sat in the makeup chair to get the full zombie treatment. Then, he hid in a tablecloth-covered cart until the actor entered the room for what he understood to be a promo shoot. Well, kind of.

Once the “interviewer” left the room and Reedus was innocently checking his phone, Lincoln gave Nick the cue. The result was a rather un-Daryl-like reaction, with the actor saying, “Aaaaaaah! You [expletive]!” After he calmed down a bit, Reedus was happy to pose for a selfie with the still-zombified Nick.

The gag should help The Walking Dead fans last through the show’s midseason break, which ends February 9.

[H/T: TODAY, Featured Image: Instagram]

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