‘Normal Barbie’ Doll Gets Acne, Tattoos, Scars And Cellulite

If you want to buy your kid a Barbie doll that looks like an actual woman, you may want to check out the Lammily doll created by designer Nickolay Lamm.

The “Normal Barbie” doll was designed in 2013 to reflect the average measurements of a 19-year-old woman’s body. Lamm saw a huge response from the doll and many people asked where they could purchase one.

After raising more than a half million dollars (with a starting goal of only $95,000), Lamm is finally ready to put the doll on the market. The Normal Barbie doll is now available at his website. And if you’re purchasing one of these dolls, you might want to consider the $5 sticker pack that will give your doll acne, scars, tattoos, and cellulite.

lamily scar

Lamm said:  “I wanted to show that reality is cool … And a lot of toys make kids go into fantasy, but why don’t they show real life is cool? It’s not perfect, but it’s really all we have. And that’s awesome … Look, we all get boo boos and scratches. Life isn’t perfect, we all sometimes fall down but we get back up.”

lamily blush

The Huffington Post reports that more than 50% of women will develop stretchmarks in their lifetime, nearly all women will have cellulite on their bodies, and close to 80% of women under the age of 30 have acne outbreaks.

lamily doll freckles

Lamm said: “You know, people were saying this whole project was a joke from the beginning, so I have no doubt some people will take it as a joke. But I hope there are enough people who believe what I believe. I think 25% to 30% will think the stickers are stupid and the rest will think it’s good.”

You can buy the “Normal Barbie” doll for $25 here.


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