Nokia Receives Patent For Social Network Automatic Sharing

Nokia Auto Uploading Of data

Nokia on Tuesday pulled off quite the coup when the company landed a social network patent for mobile devices that allows for “automatic sharing” or certain functions performed by mobile users. In the patent Nokia described a system in which automatic updates are initiated whenever users perform certain functions such as changing a music track, capturing images and video, changing location and event accessing websites from their smartphone.

Nokia is also looking at a dedicated input key that would allow functions to be shared with one press access. Nokia through the use of the dedicated button would then be able to provide a way to separate private content from the data that a user doesn’t want to share with others.

Submitted in 2008 the patent specifically names the Symbian S60 platform and Facebook as examples of its capabilities however the wording is vague enough to work in current and future technologies and via current and new social networks.

While Nokia has officially received the patent they have not announced plans to implement the patent in any of their current mobile devices, all of which are being reworked thanks to the company’s new partnership with Microsoft.

Do you think Nokia’s patent is vague and likely to cause headaches for other mobile phone manufacturers?



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