Nicole Kidman: The One Who Got Away From Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon discovered he let one of the hottest woman in Hollywood go. Nicole Kidman was a guest on Tuesday’s episode, when Kidman revealed they once went out on a date. Apparently, Fallon had no clue.

Nicole reveals that she once had a thing for Jimmy Fallon and asked a friend to set them up on a date. The friend set up for Nicole to come over to Fallon’s apartment. Fallon was under the impression that she was there to discuss a movie, while Nicole thought it was a date. Kidman shows up to his pad and that’s when things get awkward. Jimmy was floored to realize that he had missed the opportunity.

“I didn’t know this was a thing! I thought it was a movie. It was like a hang, it was meant to just- I don’t know!”

Nicole said she mistook Jimmy Fallon’s obliviousness for a lack of interest.

“And then you put on a video game or something, and I’m like… this is so bad!” Kidman explains.

Kidman goes on to say that Fallon barely talked.

“It was horrible!”

Needless to say, Fallon was extremely embarrassed by the mistake. It looks like Nicole really is the one that got away.

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