Nick Cannon Dating Amber Rose? Rumors Fly After Wiz Khalifa Divorce

Amber Rose recently filed for divorce from her husband Wiz Khalifa and it may be because she has another man in her life. Nick Cannon, who recently got divorced from Mariah Carey, could be that man.

TMZ reports that Amber filed for divorce on Monday citing irreconcilable differences. Rose is asking for full custody of their 1-year-old son Sebastian. Rose also says in the court docs that she signed a pre-nup before the marriage and is entitled to some spousal support.

Besides citing “irreconcilable differences,” Rose didn’t go into detail about the reason for the split. Many people are speculating that she may have been having an affair with Nick Cannon.

MStarz reports that Rose has always had a crush on Nick but since the two were both married they were never able to peruse each other. When Cannon’s marriage fell apart, the two reconnected and reportedly started having an affair.

A source said: “Amber has had a crush on Nick since forever. He was like a mentor to her, and I think she fell in love.” The source added, “Nick was faithful to Mariah, and Amber was with Wiz so nothing came out of it. Then Amber got pregnant and the two just kind of drifted apart. . . . But when Nick [and Mariah] broke up, they connected.”

Do you think Amber Rose is divorcing Wiz Khalifa so that she can be with Nick Cannon?

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