Cuba Gooding Jr. Celebrates Shirtless At Blackhawks Game

There’s something about hockey that makes Cuba Gooding Jr. go a little crazy. The Oscar-winning actor and star of the movie Snow Dogs performed a memorable celebration last night after he scored during the “Shoot The Puck” game at the United Center.

During one of the intermissions at the Chicago Blackhawks game, Cuba took to the ice to participate in the “Shoot The Puck” game. It took him a few tries but Cuba eventually got one past the cutout and scored.

And then he stripped. Show me the celebration dance!

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s strip show comes at an interesting time for the Chicago Blackhawks. Some critics deemed “shoot the puck” sexist and asked the Blackhawks to stop playing the game. The team won’t stop its intermission tradition anytime soon but they did decide to stop playing the song “stripper” during the female contestant’s turn.

Of course, Cuba didn’t need the song “Stripper” to strut his stuff on the ice.

There’s just something about hockey that gets Cuba to go into crazy mode. At the NHL Awards this year, Cuba was reportedly wasted and hitting on some of the player’s wives.

Kokou Adzo

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