New York Mets Win Second Game Of The Season, Fans Go Crazy

The New York Mets won Saturday, and #MetsWIN trended

The New York Mets beat the Cincinnati Red 6-3 on a walk-off grand slam by Ike Davis. Enthusiastic fans went crazy, getting the hashtag #MetsWIN trending on Twitter.

At 2-3 on the season, Mets fans might be getting prematurely excited. The team hasn’t had a winning season since 2008 and hasn’t made the playoffs since 2006.

Still, maybe it’s New York’s year. All the fans want are 90 wins, they’re not even hoping for the playoffs.


With the Braves and Nationals both likely to make the playoffs, Mets fans have a tough road ahead of them.

The New York Mets have an even tougher road than their fans. The team hasn’t changed much since last year, and so far their offseason additions haven’t made much of an impact.

Chris Young has already been placed on the disabled list and Curtis Granderson is batting a less than solid .200.

With 157 games to go, Mets fans have every reason to hope the team can turn things around. Ike Davis hitting a walk-off grand slam is definitely something to be optimistic about.

After hitting 32 home runs in 2012, Davis flatlined offensively. Maybe with his early season heat, his luck is changing.

The New York Mets fan support is great to see. Getting #MetsWIN trending shows the passion east coast fans have, even if the season hasn’t started out the best.

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Scott Croker

Scott Croker grew up writing short stories and watching sports. It was only fate his two loves would combine into a life of sports writing. He grew up in the great sports city of San Francisco and currently resides in LA, which is just a football team away from being complete. As he has gotten older he has realized that there is not much more in life he needs to be happy than a TV and laptop, although going to games is nice too.


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