New York Now Has Flying Manhole Covers to Dodge

Man hole cover explodes during interview

While doing a random interview in new York a man was quite shocked to see (and hear, as you will see in video below) a flying manhole cover that seemingly exploded off the street due to built up pressure and launched itself high in the air, like some hovering disc of death. It seems like there were no injuries as a result of this, but definitely gonna have some New Yorkers watching their backs more than normal.

The video takes it to another level, showing just how loud the manhole cover explosion was, and how much scarier that must have been to hear it before you even see it. Thankfully, no injuries, just some more New Yorkers with PTSD.

New York, the thugs won’t stab you or rob you anymore but the manhole covers will mess you up if they get a chance, so watch your back.

Via here and here

Remy Carreiro


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