Swear Word Candles Are Here To Help You Chill The F*** Out

swear word candles

Swearing enhances strength and rises pain thresholds, new research finds — hence, the latest swear word candles.

swear word candles
Somebody should of thought of these type of candles way sooner!; Photo: Etsy

To test the theory: Keele University‘s Richard Stephens and his team conduced two experiments. In the initial, participants accomplished a test of anaerobic power—which comprised of a short, fierce interval on a stationary exercise bike—after both cursing and not cursing.

In the second test, participants finished an isometric handgrip test, again after both cursing and not cursing. The results demonstrated that study participants delivered a stronger handgrip and more bicycle power wattage if they had sworn.

swear word candles
Light this candle before or/and after work; Photo: Twitter

Considering the world we live in – there are no shortage of candles that swear. Plus, cursing feels almost as good as kindling a candle (or vise-versa) therefore, why not do both synchronously?

Feeling a bit petty? The “What a F*cking A**hole” candles (first image above) illuminates your life, compliments of CoOpOfCreation. We all know an a-hole, or know someone who was a massive a-hole to our friend that we could bestow with this little gem. Plus, accordant to the possessors, “bracing scents of Sweetgrass and Neroli are great for cleansing the room of any fucking asshole residue.”

These swear word candles will make awesome Christmas gifts, for any and all that you feel need an additional way to vent. Visit SnuggleFuelCandleCo‘s page to place your orders and, have fun swearing up a storm!


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