New Old Navy Ad Causes A Stir On Social Media

Old Navy

What seemed like a simple advertisement for a popular clothing company turned into a social media war. Old Navy introduced a new advertisement for their #ThankYouEvent, but it wasn’t the 30 percent off sale that garnered all the attention. The photo featured an interracial couple and child and the social media trolls came out to play.

Several social media users posted their disappointment in the company’s decision to use an interracial couple.

Luckily, this guy is getting his fair share of hate tweets after this ignorant comment.

Now the rest of us can shop in peace without these brainiacs there. There were some tweets that made you lose hope in humanity, like this racist whackadoodle.

Thankfully, there were those that reminded us that not everyone was a racist by tweeting their support of Old Navy’s decision. In fact, many used the Old navy advertisement to celebrate their own interracial families and it was beautiful.

#LoveWins. Love always wins.

Old Navy has spoke out about their decision to use an interracial family. In the Huffington Post, the clothing company said they are proud to promote diversity.

“We are a brand with a proud history of championing diversity and inclusion,” Old Navy spokeswoman Debbie Felix told The Huffington Post Monday. “At Old Navy, everyone is welcome.”

Even one of the models in the ad has spoken out in support of the store.

“I’m extremely proud to have taken in a campaign that not only celebrates our nation’s diversity, but also unites families with multicultural backgrounds and promotes love of all kinds! #LoveWins Thank you @OldNavy.”

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