New Meat Vending Machines: Steak, Sausage, & Pork Available 24/7


Say you are craving a juicy Ribeye in the middle of the night, and the local grocery store or butcher is closed — what do you do?

Well soon enough, you may be able to hit up a meat vending machine nearby, thanks to the outside-of-the-box minded gentleman behind the Applestone Meat Company.

Applestone Meat’s 24/7 vending machines in Stone Ridge, N.Y.; Photo: New Retail

Joshua Applestone, founder of New York-based establishment that bears his name, is on a quest to make choice cuts of raw pork, beef, lamb, and more accessible to the masses 24/7, and has already instituted his crafty meat vending machines in several locations around the Rotten Apple.

Now he’s seeking to broaden the operation quite intensively over the next few years by erecting dozens more and ultimately plans to bring them to every city in the United States, according to reports.

The machines themselves work much like traditional vending machines stocked with candy and chips, only they are refrigerated and restocked more routinely.

Each dispenser is filled with a different type of protein (beef, lamb, pork, and ground sausage and meat), and they’re patterned after old-style carousel-type dispensers where a button revolves the selection inside.

To buy something, customers just swipe their credit card.

The machines presently functioning are so popular that they are selling 3,000 lbs of meat out of them per week.

And while the rising demand obligates them to be restocked several times per day, whatever meat doesn’t sell out is removed and restocked within 6 or 7 days.

When can you expect to see one of these machines in your neighborhood? Applestone states he hopes to be in Manhattan by 2019, and then spread out from there.


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