New (And Fake) Toronto Mayoral Candidates Promise To JUST Smoke Weed [Hoaxed]

jeff mcelroy sign

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has set a pretty low bar for all of his successors to the end of time, but that doesn’t mean that a bunch of potheads are now running to replace him, eh.

The top image comes from reddit’s frontpage, and features “Jeff McElroy,” a supposed candidate to replace Rob Ford who promises to “keep it green” if he is elected mayor. Though taken as a real campaign sign, Mr. McElroy is not a real candidate, and his sign is one of a series erected in Toronto Monday by the group No Ford Nation, an anti-Rob Ford (sorry, “pro-Toronto”) group.

Here are a couple more in the series, from CP24’s Katie Simpson:

According to No Ford Nation’s Facebook page, their goal is to “stop and highlight the divisive nature of Ford Nation and the lack of respect this administration has for the rules of City Council and the residents of this city.”

Their website catalogs the controversial mayor’s unfulfilled promises, and includes a page of information about real candidates who are running against Ford this year.

But the sign from reddit’s frontpage definitely does not display a serious candidate, and was designed simply to point Toronto voters to No Ford Nation ahead of the upcoming election on October 27 of this year.

“Our point is if you’re gonna vote for Ford you might as well vote for this guy,” Christina Robins, who started No Ford Nation three years ago, told “Quite frankly, the guy who says he’ll only smoke pot in office is better than Ford.”

You can check out more from No Ford Nation by hitting the links. Sound off, our Canadian brethren! Were you duped by these fake Toronto mayoral candidate signs?

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