Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Want Mayor Rob Ford To Resign

charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen doesn’t want Mayor Rob Ford to resign. He wants to be friends.

The Anger Management actor took to Twitter today after a satirical article started making its way around the internet. The article, which many people believed was real, quoted Sheen saying that he wanted Ford to step down as mayor.

This fictional Sheen said: “I hate to pass judgment on anybody, especially given my history … But I’ve been seeing those videos on the news, and I think it’s fair to say that Rob Ford parties too much. I can honestly tell you I’ve never been that high.”

Well, turns out that was a lie. Charlie Sheen has indeed been that high.

Oh wait, that’s not the part that Charlie’s mad about.

The actor took to Twitter today to tell Rob Ford that he never called for his resignation. In fact, Sheen offered up his “steady hand” to help Ford guide his way through this problem.

Sheen, who always seems to write in poetry on Twitter, writes:

dear Mayor Rob Ford,
the only truth or correct reporting in today’s
repulsive story regarding
my alleged comments about you,
is the accurate spelling of your great city.
your personal life is and never would be,
any of my business.
I’m sorry for any grief this may have caused.
if I can be of any assistance
in any capacity in this
media cesspool,
please accept the noble offer of my steady
hand and compassionate heart.
charlie sheen.

Can Charlie Sheen save Mayor Rob Ford’s career? Should the Toronto Mayor really be taking advice from someone who

enter on the keyboard
while typing?

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