Never Fall Asleep During a Classical Music Concert…

Whatever you do, DO NOT FALL ASLEEP during a classical music concert, as one woman learned the hard way after mistakenly slipping into unconsciousness during a performance of Firebird, as composed by Stravinsky and performed by The North State Symphony recently.

The best part is, the composition itself lulls the listener into a sense of true calm and slowly gets quieter and quieter until there is what we call an orchestral “hit”, (very loud and sudden noise) at which point, you hear the sleeping woman let out a scream of terror, as it clearly woke her up from a “sound” sleep:

To the composer, performer, and audience’s credit, though, you can see them smiling on stage and hear some belly laughs erupt in the crowd after it happens, so they all took in with a good sense of humor.

But THAT, my friends, is why you never fall asleep at a classical music concert.





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