NBC’s ‘The Voice’ Now Letting Viewers Vote Using Facebook Timeline App

The Voice

Facebook’s timeline feature is either hated or loved depending on who you ask but one thing is for certain, company’s are taking advantage of Facebook’s new platform in a variety of ways. Take for example NBC’s hit music talent show The Voice which has created a new app that allows users to vote via Facebook Timeline.

Starting on Monday Facebook Timeline users can vote by artist and then share their votes with Facebook Friends while connecting with other voters and even track artists through the new Facebook Timeline app.

According to Vivi Zigler, president of NBC Universal Digital Entertainment:

“This app gives our already socially-savvy fans another way to connect and share,” and “From declaring their favorite artist to discovering friends’ preferences to interacting with more content, the app creates a fully social online voting experience.”

Bringing added value to the app users can also access related content from The Voice including performance videos and show blogs.

Are you more likely to vote for contestants on The Voice if you can use Facebook to share your choice for best singer?



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