Mushrooms Are Now Considered the Safest Recreational Drug

Well, well, who saw THIS news coming? Apparently based on a study of drug users who ended up in the hospital or E.R in 2016, people who take psychedelic mushrooms end up in the E.R less than any other drug user. Yes, the mushrooms we speak of are indeed, the psychoactive, hallucinatory “shrooms” you often see Seth Rogen ingesting in his films. The same ones they showed you videos about in health class and told you that would think you could fly and would jump out a window and die if you took them (which my health class was LITERALLY told us years back). Between the problems with dirty Molly and the synthetic marijuana kids are taking these days, hallucinatory mushrooms have fallen to the bottom of the “dangerous drug” list.

What is funny and also pointed out in the study was the fact that hallucinatory mushrooms are actually one of the least dangerous type of fungi that can be found and eaten. Most wild mushrooms can be quite deadly if consumed, actually. But based on statistical research, not the hallucinatory kind.

Now keep in mind, we are in way encouraging the usage of “magic mushrooms” by any of our readers. Those are only for open-minded people actually willing to take spiritual journeys within the self and come out stronger and wiser. In other words, not too many people in our current day-to-day life. But here’s to those of you brave enough to take a vision quest.

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