MSN Goes Social With msnNOW App For Facebook, Web And Mobile Devices

MSN Social Trending App

The MSN web portal has been around for 17 years and now the Microsoft owned property is entering 2012 with a new social app that aggregates trending topics with the help of 20 editors.

The programs editors use a new Demand Dashboard to measure the velocity and volume of trending topics across Facebook, Twitter, Bing’s Search Engine, and to showcase trending articles.

Trending stories will appear in a constant revolving order through the msnNOW program with the “Biggest Movers” box showcasing trends as they occur.

According to Mashable:

In addition, a team of editors will select topics and stories from among those social (and search) trends and create 100 word write-ups for posts that will appear in msnNOW’s What’s Trending homepage.

The page, which will look pretty much the same on the web and in the new Facebook app, will feature a large main story and a grid of other popular stories below. Visse described it as a “river of real-time content”. Within each area, reader will find small icons for Twitter, Facebook and The presence of each will indicate on which social networks the stories and topics are trending.

Users will also find related Bing search terms, tweets and other contents from within the program and not every story will have an MSN based write-up with some trends simply linking to a Bing search engine result which will in turn link directly to the original content source.

It’s not only big news for the 17-year-old platform, it’s the first time MSN has launched a new product across three separate platforms simultaneously and it’s the first time MSN has done anything really relevant with the Facebook social reader program.

With MSN receiving 125 million monthly visitors the program has the potential to reach a mass audience very quickly, that is if Microsoft takes the time to properly promote the program and it’s pretty cool capabilities.



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