Move Over Feminists, Meninists Are Here

Gender differences

The meninist movement is underway. Men across the world are taking a stand. Tired of the struggles of being a man in the 21st century? Well mister, this movement is for you.

[Photo credit: BBC News]
The movement, if it can be called that, has found its strongest platform of support in social media, specifically Twitter. The #meninist hashtag has become a trending term as men lament with memes and quotes about the hardships of being unequal to women.

The movement is nothing new, in fact the BBC reported on the social issue back in December of 2013, but now it seems to be building even more steam. Back in 2013, it was the beginning of honest discussions of the inequality of the sexes. Now it seems to have turned into a bunch of men having some laughs. Check out these examples from the popular Twitter page, @MeninistTweet.

Obviously, the majority of men using the term are doing it in a comedic manner, tweeting jokes and funny quotes, but some are using the trend to open up serious discussions of gender inequalities. George Gillett wrote a insightful article on how meninism could be used to do good.

“Male concerns about gender stereotyping shouldn’t stop at liberation for women – strict gender norms can affect men in equally damaging ways. Perhaps a new movement is needed to confront the oppression men face, to coin a term; ‘meninism’,” Gillett writes.

Maybe the meninism movement could do some good, if not, at least it seems to be good for a few laughs.

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