10 Most Bizarre Schools Ever

Bizarre Schools
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You have probably heard it before many times from your parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles: stay in school. Really, we all know that that is easier said than done once you get to college since you have spent two decades of your life already doing just that. Sometimes a breath of fresh air is all you need and a new perspective once the novelty of your favorite elective has worn off and you come looking for bizarre schools instead.

We understand, we have been there too, however, you will find that school need not be too boring or bland after you have given your English homework help or psychology homework answers to your needy roommate. You will be happy to know that there are actually certain schools that do not follow convention and definitely count as bizarre schools. To save you from the research, we have compiled them, so hold your Masters or Ph.D. courses because these just might change your perspective:

River Plate in Buenos Aires, Argentina

bizarre schools
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Not so much as a classroom as it is a stadium, but students and their teachers actually hold their classes in here, all 2000 of them. Oh, and sometimes a simultaneous football practice also happens during classes, because football (soccer) is life.

Abo Elementary School in New Mexico, U.S.

Built during the Cold War era when predictions of an all-out nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the U.S. reached new heights. People actually started building doomsday bunkers during that time for fear of a nuclear apocalypse. Thankfully, it never happened, however, an underground, nuclear winter-proof school has already been built in New Mexico complete with proper ventilation and all.

India’s Train Platform Schools

Being the second most populated country on Earth, India is bound to have a proportionally larger poverty rate than others. Hence, there are lots of children in the marginalized sectors of society with no basic education. So some Samaritan teachers did God’s work and provided them with it, in train platforms nonetheless, so far, around 4000 children have been lucky enough to be taught.

Witch School of Salem, Massachusettes

Not quite Hogwarts since the majority of their students– around 40,000, are taught online. However, those who live in Massachusettes and want to channel their inner Hermoine Granger can learn witchcraft physically in Salem in their Witch School, established in 1642 and still going strong, despite all the recent… witch hunts *wink* *wink.*

Gladiator School in Rome, Italy

Life back in the classical and ancient eras were much simpler, especially if you are Roman. You either join Caesar’s legion or become a fat Roman politician until you are invaded by the barbarians at the gates. The appeal is certainly undeniable and some might prefer it to traditional education, so Italy is giving people an opportunity to be a gladiator, perfect for those who want to come, to see, and to conquer– er, graduate.

Trabajo Ya Prostitution School in Spain

Bizarre Schools
Photo by Just Uplifting

Most judgmental people will probably tell you to study well if you do not want to become a prostitute, however, in Spain, you can actually do both. That is, to study being a prostitute or stripper, that’s Europe for you. Thing is, prostitution is completely legal in Spain, so no issues there. Of course, there is an age requirement and they will also teach you business practices, tools of the trade, and uhh, certain techniques.

Elf School in Iceland

Yup, if you ever wanted to be Santa’s little helpers, this is the place to be. Just kidding, but this school does have a complete curriculum about elves. They also give you a tour of an elven habitat… so far there have been no reports of people disappearing there yet, seems safe. Rest assured, it deserves to be called one of the most bizarre schools ever.

Grey School of Wizardry in California, U.S.

We are not joking here, the school has a headmaster with a long beard, and students are divided into four houses namely Salamanders; Undines; Sylphs; Gnomes. Oh, the age requirement is also 11 and above and there is a department dedicated to Defense Against the Dark Arts… that’s probably just about how much they can get away with without receiving a copyright infringement lawsuit from J.K. Rowling, but hey, it is recognized by the state as a legitimate academic institution.

Mobile School in Colombia, South America

Bizarre Schools
Photo by Mobile School

Have you ever wished that the school would come to you instead of the other way around? Kinda like pizza but you order education instead. Well, a mobile school in Colombia does just that, however, they will not do it for lazy well-off students, instead, they do it for the homeless and low-income students who are in dire need of education.

Brooklyn Free School in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

If there is one thing normal schools are notorious for, it’s probably the rules, they can get rather restrictive and suffocating to students. Anyway, they are meant for breaking, so one school in New York did away with all the rules. Instead, they let their students decide what the rules are, no really, this school is the embodiment of America. No grading system, no exams, no lunchbreak limits, no curriculum, just students and their own chaotic world of freedom inside the classrooms. However, it is still a place for learning, meaning students get to choose what and how they learn… while being watched by their parents.

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