Mom Decks Sons’ Lunches with Geeky Fun Art And Puns


Remember that one time when we covered how one dad packed his daughter’s lunch bags with epic geekery? Well, brace yourselves, because we now have a mom who turns the geeky art lunch factor up to eleven. Jenn Aguilar. Jenn lives with her two sons Kale (14), and Konnor (12) in Calgary, Canada. She’s been drawing and painting wacky scenes and geeky joke for her sons on their lunch bags and posts the photos on her Instagram account every day to document their “hand-drawn lunch bag adventures”. From the Justice League to Marvel superheroes, to Harry Potter, Star Wars, and some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or any everyday funny-bone tickler puns, this lady has clearly got the geeky creative vibe flowing, and deserves a whole lotta love.

“I wanted to show my boys how much I love them and give them something to look forward to each and every day,” Aguilar shared with Mashable. “It’s my type of love language.”

“My inspiration comes from whatever the boys are into at the time,” Aguilar shares. “Sometimes, it’s movies we’ve seen, music we were listening to or just something I think of.”

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Her creations make us want to shell-lebrate, too!

#lunchbagadventures #cheezymom #lunchbag

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No rebels.

#lunchbagadventures #lunchbag #lunchbox

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Soy cute!

#lunchbagadventures #cheezymom #lovemyboys

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We will love these bags pho’eva and eva.

#lunchbagadventures #cheezymom

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We wanna slice slice baby.

#lunchbagdrawings #lunchbagadventures #lunchbag #disney Counting down till school is done!!!

A photo posted by Jenn Aguilar (@lunchbagadventures) on

#lunchbagadventures #lunchbagdrawings #disney #harrypotter #cheezymom

A photo posted by Jenn Aguilar (@lunchbagadventures) on

Crossover time!


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