Mom Being Questioned For Shooting Home Invader: “It Was Him or Me”

If someone came into your home brandishing a gun and you also had a firearm, would you react and shoot the person? If you answer is yes, you are in the same school of thought one Marietta woman named Keandre Funches. You best figure out your local state’s laws about such acts because one Mother did just that to protect her and her family from someone she called a “violent” home invader”, and now police are looking into HER.

It gets you thinking. Which side of law are the law really on? Protect the criminal and blame the mother for protecting her family? We may not have all of the story as we were not there, but from what I gather, this whole thing could’ve been handled better by all sides.

There were even kids in the house she claims she was trying to protect, which makes sense.


Artz spoke to neighbors, who were shocked.

“It’s very alarming because in this neighborhood, nothing really happens,” Jasmine Garry said. “We’re all family here because most people here have lived on the street their entire lives, so it’s really shocking, to say the least.”

Sadly, the end result is she was taken into police custody for aggravated assault with a firearm, false imprisonment, cruelty to children and felony murder for her acts of bravery.



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