Woman Claims Moisturizer Has Cleared Up Psoriasis In 4 Weeks


After applying Liz Earle’s Skin Replenishing Body Balm for 4 weeks, 22-year-old Shannon Lauren claims the raw, red patches on her skin have healed.

via Pretty 52; Lauren’s before/after shots

For 3 years Lauren has been combating painful psoriasis and has used a number of different medications and creams, none of which have worked effectively. In a post, Lauren shared her ‘before and after’ pics, captioned: “Hey this is a bit of a long post… I just hope that it might one day help someone else. For about three years I’ve battled with very bad eczema/psoriasis. I’ve tried every cream there is to recommend and literally NOTHING would work. Just about four weeks ago my mum told me there was a new moisturizer out by Liz Earle and after smelling it I thought I’d give it a go. This is after using it for four weeks the difference in my skin all over is incredible. It’s currently $27.92 in Boots and I have to say it was more than worth every penny. Hope it helps someone else that’s been in the same position as me.”

One individual commented on her post: “I have psoriasis on my scalp, and it used to come right down to above my eyebrows. About 14 years ago, I switched to Liz Earle and it cleared up within a week.” Another shared: “My son suffers horribly. These photos are so impressive. I need to try it.” Speaking local news reporters, Lauren added: “It’s a miracle cream for me. I’ve been at the dermatology unit for two years on and off with different medications and creams, but nothing ever worked. The only reason I tried Liz Earle was because my mum bought me it as a gift and the smell was so amazing, I thought I’d try it. Turns out it literally gave me my confidence back and made me feel normal again.”


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