Beauty Blogger Uses Pepper Spray On Face To Compare Waterproof Mascara Brands

Photo by YouTube/Col. Brandi Upton

Beauty and makeup tutorials are all the rage these days and cosmetics are ubiquitous. There’s just something about beauty bloggers that make them seem more trustworthy than a billion dollar company ad. Hence, they do help quite a lot, save perhaps for one beauty blogger who used pepper spray on her face for a mere mascara brands experiment.


Col. Brandi Upton is one of those budding beauty bloggers who are out to help others choose the right makeup brand. She has a channel and following called Tactical Beauty. In one of her videos, she compared a value mascara brand (Wet’n’Wild mascara, $4) against fancier one (Better Than Sex mascara, $24) both of which were waterproof. She even put one on each eye to test them.


Everything seemed agreeable with her method until she trialed the said mascara brands by forcing tears to come out of her eyes… using pepper spray. Here’s the video:

“Jesus, take the wheel…” were Brandi’s last words before she probably realized that she could have used water or onions instead to see if both waterproof mascara brands were effective. Brandi actually tried to shake off the pepper spray for 15 minutes while howling in pain along the way.


However, it wasn’t all for nothing. Brandi found out that the more expensive mascara brand, Better Than Sex, did not live up to expectation and got runnier compared to the cheaper one. Quite unfortunate since the said $24 mascara is promoted by its mother company as the ‘number one prestige mascara in America.’


Well, at least now we know which cosmetic to avoid, thanks to Brandi’s sacrifice, she literally shed tears for that. America! Make it count!

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