Mitt Romney And Jimmy Fallon ‘Slow Jam The News’

Mitt Romney Slow Jam News

Mitt Romney and Jimmy Fallon got together Friday to “Slow Jam the News,” talking about the upcoming State of the Union address and the problems President Obama faces in his second term.

A visibly relaxed former presidential candidate sported blue jeans and a blazer as he talked about the NSA surveillance allegations, issues with the Affordable Care Act rollout, and his documentary out on Netflix titled MITT.

Fallon crooned along with Romney, together with The Roots’ Questlove Jenkins, throwing out a series of digs and double entendres, including, “I’d tap that,” in reference to the NSA surveillance programs. The show host also later joked about Romney’s 47 percent remark, which Romney called a “low blow, but it’s pretty funny.”

When Jimmie Fallon asked if Mitt was running for president again, the former governor shook his head, saying he’ll be supporting the 2016 Republican presidential candidate 100 percent.



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