Minimum Wage About To Drop Even Lower in Missouri

So everywhere in America right now, most states are fighting to raise minimum wage to a place where it is an actual, livable salary in today’s society. It is a “good fight” and a lot of hard-working Americans stand to gain a better quality of life as a result. Except for people who live in Missouri right now. They, on the other hand, have people in power fighting with all they can to LOWER it.

So while some of the world will be getting better lives, one state seems like it won’t, and that has many locals there up-in-arms, understandably. From ten bucks an hour to $7.70, a loss of $2.30 a day, which at the end of the year, well, even the simplest of you can figure out how much less that is. That is four car payments less than the year before. That is gross and unacceptable and Missouri residents are fighting with all their might, to no avail.

*They say you can’t spell miserable without Missouri, and I guess now I understand why.

*No one’s ever actually said that.




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