Milo the Dachshund and Bonedigger the Lion Are Best Friends

A 500 pound lion and a dachshund formed an unlikely friendship at the G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

aaDachshund and a 500 pound lion sound like an unlikely duo, but at the G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, Milo the dog and Bonedigger the lion have spend their days playing together, lying out in the sun, and even grooming one another. How did this adorable animal friendship get started?

Bonedigger was born with a rare metabolic bone disease that has left him crippled. Bonedigger was introduced to Milo when he was still a cub, and the two have formed a strong bond over the last five years. Milo could be considered Bonedigger’s “therapy dog”, but the spunky dachshund is more than a lion therapist, he’s a true friend; he even cleans Bonedigger’s teeth!

Milo the dog and Bonedigger the lion have formed a strong bond over the last few years.

According the workers at the animal park, the two are inseparable and spend all day together. Milo has even learned to imitate Bonedigger’s vocalizations, growling and grunting like a lion to communicate with his best friend.

Milo and Bonedigger enjoys a meal with their friends; a company of dachshunds.

Milo isn’t Bonedigger’s only friend, either. The disabled lion has been so well socialized that other dachshunds have been introduced to her habitat. One of Bonedigger’s favorite daytime activities is laying out on top of his hut with Milo and two or three other dachshunds.

Bonedigger, Milo, and another puppy friend hang out on top of Bonedigger’s hut. Zookeepers introduced dogs to Bonedigger when he was a cub.

Check out this short video of Bonedigger and Milo hanging out together at the G.W. Exotic Animal Park.

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