Millennial Pink Chocolate Is A Thing That Actually Exists

There are many classes of flavor to choose from when picking a chocolate. Some people like the smooth, creaminess of white chocolate, while others prefer the bittersweet bite of dark. Well, sorry to suddenly confuse you, but there is a new chocolate now. Pink chocolate (or Ruby chocolate). And no, the name isn’t just based on the color or gems. Come to find out, this is an actual new TYPE of chocolate. A creamy chocolate with an almost fruity after-taste.

Via here:

Barry Callebaut is sourcing specific beans from the Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Brazil; during processing, it extracts a powder that’s used to color the end product. The result is a fruitier kind of chocolate with a pink hue that Millennials can’t seem to get enough of.

Here is the part that doesn’t make sense to me. The “millennials” part. Why do we have to break everything down to demographics now? And why does the world care SO MUCH about what millennials like? If it’s good, the people will like it. Not just a certain demographic.

Just saying.

Side note, do not get excited at the prospect of running out and trying this right now as there are still some FDA hurdles that need to be met before mass-production can happen.



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